We make it simple to save energy and money by recovering the heat in drain water. Ecodrain is explained in this article from HowStuffWorks. A hot shower is great, but every day hot water ends up going down the drain, taking energy and money with it.

Much shorter horizontal heat exchanger for same performance. Join LinkedIn today for free.

Drain water travels over flat plate. ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drains from Kaeser are highly cost-effective and reliable. This is attributable to a control concept that works independently of . Jul Ever wondered how much energy is literally going down the drain every time you shower? The key to saving you money is the heat-exchange channels. Supreme provide Eco Drain, eco drain pipes, Eco-drain Hi-tech Structured wall pipes.

Get Eco Drain, eco drain pipes, Eco-drain Hi-tech Structured wall pipes. With an extra drain cock valve it is possible to separate the flows of the cleaning water.

In the first cleaning phase the milk remains are discharged . Description green color liquid. Mar Hot water down the drain seems like a waste of energy, right? Loss-free condensate drainage. We design and manufacture systems to recapture heat from drain water. Heating water is energy intensive, and no matter how efficient the water.

Jul The EcoDrain, by contrast, can be installed horizontally. This means that it could go under the bathroom floor immediately adjacent to the drain, . Cut with utility knife where needed – over vent pipes, around heating units, etc. HDPE core provides: (1) resistance to chemicals and temperature, (2) a waterproofing barrier, and durability. Heat-bonded geotextile will not delaminate from . Parker ZANDER ecodrain ED Series zero air loss electronic condensate drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. It will provide you with a perfect . Quality, dependability and safe operation are essential features of any industrial machinery or equipment.

The ECO-DRAIN meets all of these requirements. Did you know that showering is typically the single most energy intensive activity that people engage in at home?

The “Eco-Drain” interlocking rubber tile is an excellent option when it comes to comfort, drainage, easy maintenance, and eco-friendliness. ECO DRAIN condensate drains ensure safe, reliable condensate drainage without air loss, even under conditions with widely fluctuating accumulation and high . Die elektronischen Kondensatableiter ECO-DRAIN von Kaeser sind besonders sparsam und zuverlässig – durch ein von der Kondensatmenge abhängiges . Originally designed for residential applications where the product has seen progressive adoption and growth, ecodrain was conceived for the recovery of heat . Digital modular protection and control panel for lifting pump, single-phase 230Vac up to 12A, or three-phase 400Vac up to 16A, multi-control. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart.